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When You Are a Student Injured In a Car Accident

If you are a student who has been injured in an accident, you may find yourself faced with a variety of unique stressors. You may also be subjected to substantial expenses and wondering what relief is available to you.

If you undertake a legal claim against an at fault party, any uncovered expenses and losses directly resulting from the accident may be compensable by the liable third party. Below is a description of the various challenges you may face as a result of your injuries. It may be beneficial to discuss these issues with a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver at Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation.

Effects on Your Learning

Being injured in a car accident may affect your ability to learn. If you have suffered a concussion or brain injury, your challenges with learning may seem obvious to you. However, other types of pain and injuries can affect your ability to concentrate in class as well, and to sit and study for the required periods of time.

Further, if you have been seriously injured, you may require numerous medical appointments and treatments. The time required for medical treatment can significantly cut into your schedule and available study time. In the worst case, your injuries may interfere with your schooling to the point where you need to drop or retake courses.

The costs associated with taking longer to complete your studies, and reduced opportunities for making an income, are important to consider in assessing your damages claim. 

Effects on Your Part-Time Work

School is expensive, and many students pursue part-time or even full-time work to pay their way through school. If you have been injured in an accident, you may find yourself forced to choose between school or work.

Quitting your job and therefore having no job to return to when you recover from your accident may be a highly undesirable choice. However, giving up your job altogether may be your only option if you are too injured to carry our your job duties, or are overwhelmed by balancing class, your pain, medical appointments, and rehabilitation.

The loss of wages that you otherwise would have earned, if you had not been in an accident, is an important area of damages that can be claimed.

Effects on Your Career Path

Serious injuries can have significant implications for your career path. Many careers require a certain level of physical dexterity, and/or can be taxing on the body. If you were planning to work as a radiologist, researcher in a lab, dentist, optometrist, or in the trades, your capacity to perform the required tasks of the job may be seriously compromised.

In the case of a concussion or other brain injury, you may find your ability to engage in complex mental work has been diminished. You may suffer from an inability to concentrate for long periods of time, or to meet the psychological demands of a career in math, accounting, or law.

After being in an accident, you may be forced to reconsider your career path. As above, the difference in your career prospects and earning potential before and after an accident is an area of damages that can be claimed.

Unexpected Expenses Resulting From Your Accident

Beyond the negative effects on your schooling, work, and potential career path, being in an accident may subject you to miscellaneous expenses you otherwise may not have incurred. You may also find yourself needing to purchase housekeeping and meal services and paying extra for medical visits at home, etcetera. If your injuries have immobilized you, it may be necessary to spend money on personalized transportation costs (e.g., taxi services) to get to and from medical appointments and school, especially if you are now unable to drive due to your injuries.

Important Compensation May Be Critical For Your Continued Success

As above, if you pursue a legal claim against a liable third party, that party (usually via ICBC) is responsible for the economic losses directly arising from your accident. Getting help right away by contacting a personal injury lawyer may help you in many ways.

In Kweon v. Roy, 2016 BCSC 2305 (CanLII), the plaintiff was to enter the third year of her Bachelor of Arts when she was involved in a serious car accident. As a result of her injuries, including a concussion, pelvic fracture, soft tissue injuries, and psychological effects, she withdrew from school. The court found that the accident hindered her career prospects and earning potential.

The plaintiff, Ms. Kweon, was awarded a total of $422,702. Of the award, $75,000 was to compensate for her inability to work up until the time of trial, and $165,000 was to compensate for her estimated future loss of earnings as a result of failing to continue on the same educational path following the accident.

In Afonina v. Jansson, 2015 BCSC 10 (CanLII), the plaintiff suffered a serious traumatic brain injury in a car accident. The brain injury caused the plaintiff to engage in impulsive behaviour, make inappropriate comments, and behave in questionable ways. The plaintiff, Ms. Afonina, had previously been a bright high school student, but pursued work as a “dominatrix” following the accident, which was submitted as evidence of her diminished judgment and personality changes.

The court found that although Ms. Afonina has residual capacity to earn employment income, her career prospects had been hindered by both her personality changes and her inability to focus for long periods of time. Ms. Afonina was awarded more than $1.5 million dollars, including $875,000 to account for loss of earning capacity, and $376,000 for future medical and care expenses resulting from her injuries.

Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation Helps Students Who Are Injured In Car Accidents

If you are a student injured in a car accident, it is important for you obtain legal advice to explore all your avenues of recovery and to help account for all compensable losses. Your personal injury lawyer in Vancouver can help you obtain supports so you can carry on your studies as best as possible and potentially obtain damages for your injury and hardship.

Talk to us today to discuss your legal claim and how to ensure that your losses are accounted for. Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation personal injury lawyers are in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam and Burnaby. Call now at 604-654-2250.

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