Motorcycle Safety to Avoid Accidents in Traffic

Places for Motorcyclists To Avoid in Traffic

There is nothing like being out on the road, taking in the sights as you feel the power of your motorcycle accelerate. Riding out in the natural elements can be an exhilarating thrill in good weather conditions but a motorbike can also be dangerous. Mitigating risk is part of being a motorcyclist.

In 2013, 2,200 collisions involving a motorcycle occurred in BC, which is a significant reminder of the need to keep safe. You need a high-quality helmet, protective clothing and footwear, regular tune-ups among other precautions. It isn’t just your bike or gear that keeps you safe but also checking road conditions in advance and your behaviour on the road. There are several areas to be mindful of to keep yourself riding the highways for years to come. These include being the first across an intersection, cars making turns, blind spots, passing other vehicles, bridges and other hot spots for collisions and a door opening on a parked car.

Being the first Across an Intersection

Being the first to enter an intersection can be risky and more so for bikes in the event that a driver coming the other way fails to stop. Having a car on one or both sides of you could provide protection if a driver travelling perpendicular to you drives through the intersection. If you happen to be at the front of a red light, it is best to hold off a second before starting to ensure the intersection is absolutely clear. Accelerating the moment the light turns green could be a grave mistake.

Cars Making Turns

Cars don’t always have the best view with lamp posts, signs, houses and other cars blocking their perspective. The driver of a car that is turning from a perpendicular road into traffic from a standstill, especially as a left turn, can miss a small and fast moving motorcycle in the passing lane. Driving in the right lane can help increase your visibility in this situation. The driver of a car that is turning left going the opposite direction on the same road can also miss a motorbike easily, which makes driving beside a car through the intersection safer.

Blind Spots

The name says it all. Motorcycles are small enough to be easily hidden in car blind spots even though they have more maneuverability than cars and they can weave seamlessly in and out of traffic. While it is every driver’s responsibility to check the blind spot before changing lanes, you are the one who could suffer the consequences of another driver failing to check. Move quickly and safely out of blind spots. If you are passing, never assume that the car driver sees you and instead assume the driver hasn’t seen you until the pass is complete. Also avoid the common mistake of changing lanes into another car’s blind spot.

Passing Other Vehicles

Sometimes it happens where you get behind a slow moving vehicle and there are no opportunities to pass for quite a long stretch. You may be frustrated that the other driver didn’t take up opportunities to pull over to let you pass while solid yellow lines make passing illegal. Don’t assume that just because a vehicle in front is braking that it is good time to pass either. Instead of letting rage build or passing where it is not safe, consider being the one to pull off the road and take a break. You can always check your cell phone for messages, the weather, or the news and then get back on the road refreshed.

Bridges and Other Hot Spots for Collisions

If you travel through Vancouver, going over bridges may be unavoidable. With limited space to avoid cars, bridges can be tricky and increase your risk of having a collision. Before leaving home, it is best to plan your route. Review the hot spots where motorcycle crashes are more likely, such as Burrard Bridge, Lions Gate Bridge and Second Narrow’s Bridge. If you cannot avoid a dangerous bridge or other high collision area, take extra precautions and be highly aware of the other vehicles while travelling there.

A Door Opening on a Parked Car

Drivers can be forgetful about looking around as they exit from a parking spot. It is important to scan the parked cars ahead and be mindful when you see a parked car with a person inside as a door could open at any time. Don’t drive within a metre of parked cars. You are allowed to have the entire lane.

When a Motorcycle Accident Occurs

Taking extra precautions can significantly reduce your likelihood of having a collision. If a motorcycle accident occurs, however, and if you are injured as a result, a Vancouver personal injury lawyer can be of tremendous help. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, our Vancouver accident lawyers can protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. At Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation we have decades of experience with motorcycle accident cases. Call us for your free consultation before contacting ICBC. Contact us today at 604-654-2250.

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