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At-Home Job Considerations after a Personal Injury Accident

If you have had a personal injury accident, you may have limitations in your ability to work outside the home. You may find it too taxing to leave the home for the entire day, on top of commuting. You may also find it difficult to manage your work load when you need to leave to attend medical appointments. The stress of working while injured can make at-home work appear more attractive. Your home is a place of convalescing, so the option to work from the comfort of your own home can be very appealing.

Benefits of Working from Home

After a personal injury accident, there are several reasons why you might prefer to work from home. The privacy of working from home allows you to have in-home medical treatment, use assisted devices, receive caregiver support and do any exercises needed to aid your recovery without expending the energy needed to travel to a workplace, prepared with any equipment needed.

Working from home can save several hours per week of commute time. With the time saved by staying at home, you can get more rest to help you recover from your accident, make time for medical appointments and manage your work/life balance.

If you have dependants, such as young children, grandchildren, a spouse, parent(s) or pet(s), then working from home may allow you to care for them more easily.

A flexible work schedule is another reason many prefer to work from home. A flexible work schedule will allow you to attend daytime medical appointments, to follow a set schedule for physical therapy exercises or take a nap when you need it. With added flexibility, you can manage your time better and avoid travelling at high traffic times.

Higher productivity is another reported benefit of working from home. If you have a head injury as a result of your accident, a busy workplace environment may be overwhelming and/or distracting. Many people find themselves better able to concentrate at home, where there are typically fewer distractions.

Money savings can also result from at-home work. By saving on commuting, clothing, lunches and coffee outside the home, you will be able to put some money aside for other household expenses. Staying off the road will also lower the risk of a traffic ticket or accident, especially during the winter months. The added cost of heat and hydro from being home and setting a home office space is often relatively small in comparison to the overall cost savings of working from home.

Types of Occupations that Work Well from Home

There are many high paying jobs that you can do from a home office. Forbes lists the top-paid roles as home-based physicians and radiologists hired to review and evaluate patient cases. Also in the medical field, medical transcriptionists and registered nurses are able to work from home.

Technology jobs are one of the first fields to make remote working the norm. There are numerous technology jobs in which you can work from home, including at-home computer software engineers, computer scientists, programmers and systems administrators.

Other attractive at-home jobs include public relations specialists, graphic designers, writers and authors, postsecondary teachers, adjunct professor’s work, online tutoring, copyediting, and content writers and editors.

Financial managers and mortgage specialists are also attractive at-home careers. Further, if you are bilingual or multilingual, you may seek work as a freelance translator. If sketching is your passion, you could work from home as an illustrator. The online world has made many jobs from home possible and our society values are changing to make it acceptable to make career changes at any age.

Working for a Firm vs. Home Based Business

Business leaders have often had reluctance with employees working from home because they cannot witness or measure the productivity of work outside the office. There are concerns that greater flexibility will mean that workers will not work the hours they are paid for. More firms are overcoming this hurdle however, as login times can be monitored and screen shots can show work progress. More at-home jobs can be expected as office space becomes more limited and the cost of office space rises.

Starting a home based business may be for you if you are attracted to the notion of “free agency” and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Much of the Canadian workforce is made up of successful small business owners who purchase their own benefits plans directly from insurance companies or professional associations such as the Chamber of Commerce and alumni associations. Insolvency statistics show that small businesses started from home have a much greater chance of succeeding because of the low overhead costs. If you can work using the internet, you have no geographic limits in the clients you serve or the talent you hire. Further, there are tax deductions for business available that make a home based business more attractive, including being able to write off the proportion of space you use in your home for your business. Accounting firms and others are available to help your set up and teach you the basics and the requirements of running a home business.

If you need income and would like to work from home after your personal injury accident, consider inquiring further about it from your employer or look elsewhere. Working from home will require some self-discipline and ambition, but it can help minimize the risk of depression if you are not working because of your injuries. If you have been injured in a personal injury accident and still need to hire a lawyer, contact us at Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation in Vancouver or one of multiple service locations in British Columbia. Our role is to help further your interests.

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